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Andhra Restaurants in Bangalore…!!!

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Andhra Restaurants in Bangalore:


Did you have enough of sprouts, sandwiches, breads, pizzas and health foods? Do you want a break? Do you want a twist in your taste something tangy and spicy to charge you up? Then checkout Andhra cuisines in Bangalore 🙂

Andhra Restaurants in Bangalore serve good food but none of them are 100% authentic. Each place has its own heritage when it comes to delicacies and dishes. Andhra food is primarily high on the spice factor; the flavors are generated from a combination of pepper, chilly and other spices, and not meant for the faint-hearted. However, if you choose to be adventurous enough, you’ll be duly rewarded by a cornucopia of delights that will have you coming back for more.

Below are the top hotels in Bangalore:

Hotel Name Location
Amravathi Residency Road Cross, Phone: 25585140, 25583315
Bheema’s Andhra Style Church Street Phone:25587389, 25091233
Nandini Deluxe Minerva Circle, Phone: 26627363 /J P Nagar
Nagarjuna Savoy Residency Road, Phone:25587775, 25585130
Alankar Deluxe 3rd Block, Near Jayanagar Post Office Phone: 26991163
Annapurneshwari 9th Block Jayanagar Phone: 6348411
Gongura Off CMH Road Indira Nagar Phone: 2527 5742
Nagarjuna Chimney Jayanagar Phone: 26656566
Nandas Andhra Style Restaurant Hsr Layout+(91)-(80)-66496743
Eden Park Near Hindu office Cunningham Road Phone: 22861100
Mayuri Near Minerva Circle J C Road Phone: 26704284, 26708073
Chillies Cears Plaza, Opp Bangalore Club Residency Road Phone: 22075050
Spicy Cotton Complex Residency Road Bangalore Phone: 22214244
Vindu Restaurant Kanakapura Road, Bangalore, Next to METRO, Phone : 26669434 / 57606685
Nisarga Andhra Style Restaurant Whitefield Main Road,+(91)-(80)-66497260
The Andhra Spice Express J P Nagar , Bangalore
Bharathis Andhra Style Restaurant Marathahalli, Bangalore-560037

Things to look for:

A typical Andhra meal generally consists of some or all of the following:

  • Aritaku or Vistari: plantain leaf which is used served on
  • Cooked Rice: Rice with some podi(Karivepaku karappodi,Kottimeera khaaram,Nimmakaya pachadi ) or karam is served. These items tend to be sour or hot in taste, are very aromatic, include ingredients with medicinal values like dry ginger and curry leaves, and are supposed to simulate appetite and aid digestion.
  • Pulusu: Sambar,Pappucharu,Pachi Pulusu, Kharam Pulusu, Tiyya Pulusu which is used woth cooked rice.
  • Kooralu: Appu Koora, Vepudu etc
  • Perugu/ Majjiga: Curd/Butter Milk
  • Ooragaya: Avakaya – The most popular item of Andhra cuisine. Magaya, Tomato and Nimmakaya.
  • Non Veg Curries: Non-vegetarian curries include “Kodi koora” (Chicken), “mutton” (goat mutton), “Chepa koora” (Fish), “Roilu” (Prawn) and “Peethala koora” (Crab).* Vepudu – Fried vegetable curry
  • Sweets/Bananas: Laddu, Ariselu, Payasam, Boondi and Ravva Kesari.
  • Tamalapaku-vakkapodi : Also called Killi, Beeda or Paan

So what are you waiting for…. Holidays are around and now you have a reason to enjoy the traditional Andhra Foods.


SMS Collections(Telugu, Kannada and English)

December 11, 2009 3 comments


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Marriage Selection Process…

December 7, 2009 10 comments

Arranged marriage:

Issued In Public Interest:) Read and Follow at you own risk:)

There are times in a person’s life when he needs to take crucial decisions on his own. Marriage is one of them. Believe me, the decision on whom to marry is the most important decision a person will make in his life. After marriage, your wife is the most important person in your life. She can make or break your life. The mere thought of this is very frightening.

Here are the questions in your mind…
•What sort of a girl do I marry?
•Will she adjust in my family?
•How can I decide on a girl by just meeting her for a few times?
•When should I get married?
•This is my life. So, I should choose the girl I marry, but then what if I make a mistake?

…. so on and so forth…

I will try to address these & many more questions in the following sections.

The Ten Rules of Arranged marriage:

Rule 1 – Magic no. 28
In an ideal scenario, a girl goes to college at the age of 18. By the time she graduates, goes for her post graduation and/ or works for 1-2 years, she will be about 23- 24. This means that she has spent about 5 years away from her home. In the 5 years period, she would meet man y smart guys at college or during her first few years on job. So, in all probability it would be difficult to find a good girl older than 24 yrs. Secondly, in Indian families there is lot of pressure on the girl’s to get married by the time they become 24-25.
Statistics says that there is a generation gap after every 5 years. So, in such scenario, one would prefer to marr y a girl who is about 3-4 years younger to you. Thus, working backwards, an ideal
age for a guy to get married is by 28. Earlier the marriage, the better it is.
Well, as we all know, in the current market scenario, there will never be stability in our career. So,
I believe there is no such thing as, “I will marry when I settle down”.

Rule 2 — Subset of marriage-able girls

At times you hear statements like, “I am not getting the right match, I will look after 3 months, I
will find a better match then”. Well the truth is otherwise. The subset of unmarried girl looking for
a match is fixed. From this subset, there would be girls who would get married & there would be
new girls added who would be looking for a match. The net result is that at any given time, the
variety & number of marriage-able girls are fixed.

Rule 3 – Competition for girls
Like all other facets of life, there is lot of competition for good girls. In my own case, I was
rejected by girls. So, if you are looking for a girl who is post graduate, do ne her Engg, is working,
very beautiful, smart, from a good family etc. etc, just think again. Th ere are other guys who are
also looking for similar girls & probably they ar e better off than you in terms of career, looks
personality etc. Given a choice every gu y would like to marry Aishwar ya Rai, but then for all Ashs
in the world, there are many Salman Khans who also want to marry them. So, set your
expectations accordingly.

Rule 4 — Understanding girls
You would have met a lot of people during your life. As we all know, its difficult to judge a person
based on a few meetings. I am sure you would agree with me that in case of girls it is even more
difficult to understand them in a few meetings.Understanding your spouse is a life long assignment. So, then how do you select a girl based on a
few meeting? This is where you need to take the help of your parents/ friends & latest technologies
like email/ chat to choose your girl.

Rule 5 – Society expectation
The selection process is tough on every one who is involved in the process. In arran ged marriage,
involvement of family & society is pretty high. You can’t meet a girl 3-4 times & then say no to
her. It is bad for her future. So, you should have a good short-listing criterion. Meet only a few
girls & be sure what you are looking for. It is for the benefit of ever yone involved.

Rule 6 — Marriage between equals
Unlike love marriage, in arranged marriage you also marry into the girl’s family. In arranged
marriages, family support plays a major role in ensuring a successful marriage. This is where the
compatibility of social status, family values & caste/ religion plays a major role. Its important to
note that in case there is a perfect match between the two families, the marriage is destined to

Rule 7 – Know yourself
Unlike love marriage, in arranged marriage you first marry a person & then fall in love. So, it’s
very important that you do a self-assessment on the kind of person you would love. They say,
“Opposite attract”, while they also say, “Bird of same feather flock together”. So, you take a call
on what sort of person you like. Take a pen & paper; write down the kind of attributes you are

looking for in a girl. Say, she should ideally have the looks of Sonia, the style of Monica, the voice
of Sheena, the patience of Rashmi. You will certainly not find the perfect girl, but then you would
have a good idea of what you are looking for. The secret here is to set some minimum criteria for
selection. Don’t forget rule no.3 here.

Rule 8 — Girl’s Beauty
A girl’s looks attract, but then no one wants to end up marrying a dumb blonde. It is like buying
your bike. When you initially bu y it, you are crazy about the looks, but later on you love it for its
reliability, fuel economy & comfort level. Similarly, a girl’s looks are important, but then it should
not be the most important criteria. Later on it life, you will get bored of her looks. It is then that her
personality & behavior will make all the difference to your marriage. I am sure your parents will
be able to advice you a lot better on this topic.

Rule 9 — Taking advice
As I hav e mentioned in the next rule, it’s very important that the final decision on whom to marry
must necessarily be yours. However, don’t do the mistake of isolating yourself from the world
while planning your marriage. Discuss with your parents & very close friends on this issue. They
are your well wishers. Secondly, in such important matters its necessar y that you analyze all
possibilities. Remember, I am not suggestin g that you follow others’ advice, but don’t forget to
take their advice.

Rule 10 — Own decision
All said & done, it’s your marriage & your life that is at stake. Once you are married, you & your
wife are the only persons who will be facin g the music. Don’t marr y a girl just because your
parents or friends asked you to do so. After marriage, if things don’t work out & you end up
saying, “It’s because of my friends or my parents that I married you”, then your marriage is
destined for disaster. If the girl is of your choice, it is you who will be responsible for whatever
happens. That’s when the marriage works out perfectly. So, ensure that you marriage the girl of
your choice.

How to approach the selection process?
From the day, a person decides to get married; the selection process takes a minimum of 3 months.
The whole process needs a lot of patience & commitment. The ideal steps to be followed are:

Definition phase
— Define the minimum criteria for the kind of life partner you are looking for in
terms of education, physical appearance, social status, family values, future career plans.
Remember the Rule 3 here.

Lead Generation phase
— Place ads in various newspapers, magazines, websites, through friends,
family friends, family societies & association etc. You need to exhaust all possible means of
getting biodatas at one go. Remember the Rule 2 here.
Short listing phase
– Based on your selection criteria, short-list the interesting biodatas. The
general process followed for corresponden ce is as follows:

The initiator sends a one page profile o f himself/ herself
Based on the profile, the receiver sends his/her one page profile along with request for detailed profile, photo, horoscope
The initiator then sends the requested information along with a request for similar information

The receiver send similar information

If the biodata is selected, it is passed over to the next phase

Casual interaction phase
– Based on shortlisting, about 7 to 10 biodatas are taken forwarded to
this phase. The nex t step to follow here is to exchange email/ chat ids. The gu y & the girl then
interact for 10 – 15 days to try & judge mutual compatibility through email/ chat.

Family interaction phase
– Based on the earlier phase, about 5 leads are taken fo r consideration
in this phase. During th is phase, the parents get involved & check the back ground information
about the families to find mutual compatibility.

The dating phase
– Based on the earlier phase about 3 leads are taken forward to this phase.
During this phase, the guy & the girl interact b y going out alone for 2-3 times. The gu y needs to
prepare a set of simple questions like who is your favorite star, what are your hobbies? He needs to
use his judgment to analyze the girl based on her responses.

The D-day phase– Finally, the D-day comes when the gu y has to select the girl he wants to spend
his life with. If the process if followed systematically, there will be no ambiguity in deciding who
should be your life partner.
Finally, my dear friends, marriage is all about co mpromises. In spite of all the planning that you do, there are a lot of uncertainties in a marriage.

In fact this is the best part about marriage.
Just remember that the person you marr y must be of your choice. In such case, there would be no going back for both of you.

Aarya-2 (Uppenentha…. Lyrics)

December 4, 2009 2 comments

Uppenentha Ee Premaki, Guppedantha Gunde Emito…
Cheppaleni ee Haayiki Bhaashe Enduko…
Teeyananina Ee Baadhaki, Uppuneeru Kanta Deniko…
Reppa Paatu Dooranike Viraham Enduko….

Oo Ninnu Chuse e Kallaki Lokamannadhinka Enduko…
Rendu Aksharala Premaki Inni Section Lu Enduko…

Ilove You… Na Oopiri Aagi Poina….
I Love You… Naa Pranam Poina….
Uppenentha Ee Premaki, Guppedantha Gunde Emito…
Cheppaleni ee Haayiki Bhaashe Enduko…

Kanulalokosthaavu Kalalu Narikesthaavu…
seconukosaraina Champesthaavu…
Manchula Vuntavu Manta Peduthunataavu…
Ventapadi Na manasu Masi Chesthaavu…

Teesukunte Nuvvu Oopiri Mosukunta Aayuve Cheli…
Guchukoku Mullula Mari Gundello Sagam Cheli…

Ilove You… Na Oopiri Aagi Poina….
I Love You… Naa Pranam Poina….
Uppenentha Ee Premaki, Guppedantha Gunde Emito…
Cheppaleni ee Haayiki Bhaashe Enduko…

Chinukule Ninnu Thaaki Merisipothaanante….
Mabbule Pogesi Kaalcheyana…
Chilakale Ne Paluku Tirigi Palikayante…
Tholakare Lekunda Paatheyana…

Ninnu Kori Poolu Takithe Narukutaanu Poola Thotane…
Ninnu Chusthe Unna Chotane Thodesthaa Aa Kallane…

Ilove You… Na Oopiri Aagi Poina….
I Love You… Naa Pranam Poina….
Uppenentha Ee Premaki, Guppedantha Gunde Emito…
Cheppaleni ee Haayiki Bhaashe Enduko…

Thirumala Thirupathi Devsathanams…

December 3, 2009 1 comment

I wanted to write an article on Thirumala Thirupathi Devsathanams… which helps people to know more about the temple, darshan, transport etc…

Though there are number of webistes available for this I wanted to write my own article as I feel this is also a kind of seva.

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