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Valentine’s day…

January 29, 2010 11 comments

First, Advanced Valentine’s day wishes to all my readers. Let this Valentines Day bring your loved ones close to your heart and I wish you have a joyful time.valentines-day-heart

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you guys know why we celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Valentine is a name of a person who is also a priest; he lived in Rome during 3rd century. At this time there was a king named Claudius. People didn’t like Claudius because he was against Love and Marriages. The reason behind this behavior of king was that he wanted to form a huge army base in Rome. Claudius wanted all the men to be part of his army. People in Rome didn’t like Wars, they don’t want to leave their loved ones and families and hence they didn’t showed interest in joining the Army. Claudius seeing this response from his men was very angry and he decided not to allow any marriages in his time. He might have thought that if men were not married they will surely join his army.

Mr. Valentine was against this rule and He always supported love and marriages. His favorite activity was to marry couples. Though the king Claudius was against the marriages and he passed a law on not allowing anyone to marry, Valentine Kept on Performing Marriage Ceremonies secretly. On one bad day Mr. Valentine was performing a marriage ceremony and he was caught by the soldiers. He was put into the jail and his punishment was death.

Though Mr. Valentine was in jail he didn’t lose the hopes in supporting Love. Young people came to Jail to meet Valentine and they expressed their support to him. This really made Valentine Happy and to stay cheerful. During this visits a young girl who is also the daughter of the prison guard used to spend more time with Valentine in the Jail. This Girl always supported Valentine for his thoughts..intertwined-heart-locket-valentines-day12

Then The D-Day came when The Valentine was hanged to death on Feb 14th 269 A.D. Valentine Left a note to this girl thanking her friendship and support during her stay with him. This Became a Trend on exchanging love messages, cards gifts etc… on Valentines DayOn this story people celebrate Valentines Day every year on Feb 14th all over the world. People express their love to their loved ones. It need not be a girl friend or wife, Love can be expressed towards friends, Parents, Animals etc…

Please come back for more Valentine’s day messages…


Telugu Saamethalu In English…!!!

January 22, 2010 49 comments


This is Just for time pass and fun. Some People were asking the meanings of Telugu proverbs. Below is the list. Please feel free to add more. Leave a comment so that I will Update the Post.

T: Telugu Version and E: English Version

T: Aaku yegiri mullu meeda padda, mullu vachi aaku meeda padda chirigedi aakae.
E: Doesn’t Matter If Leaf falls on thorn or thorn falls on Leaf, Damage is for Leaf Only

T: Aakaasaaniki hadde ledhu.
E: Sky has no Limit

T: Aada pilla, siggu billa paluvuri lo kanipincha raadhu.
E: Girls,Shy Coin should no be seen among public

T: Aalasyam amrutham visham.
E: Late Nectar Poison

T: Illalakagane pandaga kaadu
E: Cleaning House is not festival

T: Yevaru teesina gotilo vaarae padataaru.
E: Who dig the whole they will only fall

T: Intlo puli veedilo pilli
E: Inside House Tiger, Roadside Cat

T: Veepumeedha kottavachhu kaani kadupu meedha kottaraadhu.
E: You can Beat in the Back, But you should not beat on Stomach

T: Yenki pelli subbi chaavu kochindi
E: Yenkis Marriage Resulted in Subbis Death

T: Vinaasa kaalae vipareetha budhdhi.
E: In Damaging Time, More Intelligence

T: Illu kali okadedustunte, chuttaki nippu kavalannaduta okadu.
E: House Burning and Someone crying, One fellow asked lighter for cigarette

T: Andite juttu andaka pothe kaalu
E: Grab Hairs else Grab legs

T: Thulasi vanam lo ganjaayi mokka
E: In Sacred Garden, Bad Plant

T: Ee vooruku aa vooru entha dooramo, aa vooru nunchi ee vooru anthe dooram.
E: Distance from this village to that village is same as that village to this village

T: Donga Munda Pelliki Chavu Mellam
E: For waste Brides marriage funeral music

T: Erra cheera kattunnadallaa nee pellamae
E: All Red Saree ladies are my wifes

T: Thirige kallu, thitte noru, urike undadhu
E: Roaming Eyes, Scolding Mouth will not be silent

T: Dongalu padda aaru nelalaku kukkalu moriginatlu
E: Thief Landed after 6 months dog barkes

T: Chinta chachina pulupu chaavaledu
E: Body is Dead but feelings are alive

T: Chachina vaadi pelliki ochindae katnam.
E: For Died Persons Marriage, Dowry is enough

T: Ramayanam anthaa vini sita ramuduki yaemouthundhi ani adigaadanta.
E: After hearing Ramayana, Some one asked whats the relationship between Mr: Ram and Mrs: Sita

T: Minga metukuledu meesalaki sampenga nune
E: No Food To eat but you need perfumed oil to mustache

T: Oopiri untae uppu ammukoni brathakavacchu.
E: If Breath is there you can sell Salt and Live

T: Koose Gadida Vachi Mese Gaadidani Chedakottindi Anta
E: shouting donkey came and disturbed the Eating Donkey

T: Patta pagalu kaakulu kaavu kaavu mantunte mogudini kougalinchukundata.
E: Crows Shouting during day she hugged husband

T: Kondanu thovvi yaelukanu pattinatlu.
E: digging mountain and capturing rat

T: Subham Palakara Pellikodaka Ante PelliKuturu Mundhu Ekkada Annadanta
E: Say Good Words Mr Groom Means, Groom Asked first where is Bride

T: Parigetti Paalu Thagee Kantey Nilchini Neelu Thagatam melu
E: Instead Of Running and drinking Milk, Standing and Drinking Water is Better

T: angatlo anni unna alludi notlo shani
E: Everything is There but there is Shani(Saturn) in sun in laws Mouth

T: adige vaadiki cheppe vadu lookuva
E: For Asking Person, Saying Person is Under Estimated

T: teluku pettanam isthe tellavarlu kuttindanta
E: Giving Powers to scorpion, Bites alltime in morning its-seems

T: Penuku pettanam isthe thala antha gorikipettindi anta
E: Giving Powers to Hair Worms, scratched entire Head its-seems

T: Natyam cheyavae rangasaani antae nela vankara andata.
E: pls dance lady means floor is not good its-seems

T: Orullo pelliki kukkala hadavidi
E: Village Marriages, dogs Hungama

T: Magavadu tirakka cheditey, aadadi tirigi chedenanta.
E: Male not roaming and became bad and female roaming and became bad

T: Chethulu kalaka akulu pattukunnattu
E: After Burning Hands, No Use in holding Leafs

T: Gadida kemi thelusu Gandapu vasana
E: Donkey Doesn’t know Sandalwood’s Smell

T: chavitodi mundu shankam oodinatlu
E: Playing Music In front of a Deaf Person

T: Kaaki Pilla Kakiki Mudhu
E: baby’s crow is loved by parent’s crow

T: Illu katti choodu,Pelli chesi choodu
E: Build a House and See and Do Marriage and See

T: Vanda Appadalu Aadina oka Pelli Cheyamannaru
E: Say Hundred Lies and do One Marriage

T: Preminchara Moguda Antey, Prema Undi gani preminchadam radanadanta
E: I said Love me husband, he said love is there but don’t know how to love

T: Ae vaanaki aa godugu
E: politicians behaviour in an expression

T: Andani draaksha pandlu pullana
E: Beacuse one cannot achieve something, they start sabotaging people

T: Muchatla samburaana mogudni marichindi
E: So engrossed in chating, she forgot her husand

T: Ayyoroni pelliki anni aatankale.

T: Shubham korara pellikodaka antey pelli kooturu vedava munda annaranta

T: Velu istey cheyyi gunjaadanta

T: Pillanistey alludu atakekki koorchunnaadanta

T: Asha dukkaniki chetu

T: Eluka tholu techi yaadadi utikinaa tellaga kaadu

T: Pani leni mangali vaadu pilichi pilli tala korigaadanta

T: Golla vadiki puvvu isthey gochilo daachadanta

T : Ayyo paapam antey aaru nella papam chuttu kundanta

T: Nammakam leni chota narayana anna bhoothu laga vinapadutundataa

T: Isantha raa ante illanthaa naadi annaadantaa

Making Diamonds from Ashes and Hairs…!!!

January 20, 2010 3 comments

Losing loved ones is really painful. People often do lots of things and try different ways to remember their loved ones. Some people create a memory book with all the thoughts and memories you have of your loves one, their life and important events you shared with them and the amount of love they gave you. Decorate a t-shirt, create a quilt from their clothes or make blanket that you can wear/use when you need to be comforted and feel close to your loved one. Donate time, money or books to support groups for grieving parents, spouses or others. Make an audio cassette of songs that remind you of your loved one etc…..

Ok let’s come to the point, I was searching for different ways to remember the loved ones and found a cool way of doing that. There is a company in US called LifeGem which claims that they will create diamonds from the ashes and hairs of the peoples cremated remains. every one is aware of diamonds and the importance it has. Diamond is an ultimate gem stone which lasts forever. It is a polymorph of the element carbon. The Process captures carbon from the existing remains of any standard cremation and also from lock of Hairs.

For making a diamond a person has to send 200 grams of the cremated remains or the ashes of the loved ones to LifeGem. LifeGem then extracts carbon from the ashes and prepares a diamond to you. The whole process takes almost 10 months and they return back the diamonds to you with all the certificates and authentication.

This diamond can be further added to any ornament like rings, chains etc.

More Info on LifeGem and the cost can be found on the website LifeGem

Bhogi / Sankranthi Festival – 2010…

January 7, 2010 16 comments

Bhogi /Sankranthi Festival – 2010…

Sankranthi is a Major Festival celebrated in most parts of the South India. This festival is celebrated on 4 days. Each day has its own significance. Uttarayana Punnyakalam period begins with Sankranthi and for Hindus the next six months are considered highly auspicious.

On first day Jan13th: Bhogi Festival
On Second day Jan 14th: Sankranthi or Pongal Festival
On Third day Jan15th: Kanuma Festival
On Fourth day jan16th: Mukkanuma Festival

The First day of Sankranthi festival is Bhogi. People in Andhra Pradesh Invite Lord lakshmi by drawing Colorful Rangolies also called as Sankranthi Muggulu. Young Girls wakeup early in morning and participate actively in this event and they take this as a competition. They wanted their Rangolies to be bigger than any others and hence they cover entire road in front part of their house. Rangoli
These Rangolies are decorated with various items. Sankranthi Gobbemalu or Cow Dung Balls are kept on this Muggulu. Sankranthi Gobbemalu is decorated with flowers, Pasupu/Kumkumalu. People do this for bringing happiness, Joy and prosperity to their lives.

An important ritual is Bhogi Pallu is performed on Bhogi Festival. Bhogi Pallu contains mixture of Cheruku (Sugarcane), Variety of Seasonal fruits and some food grains. This Bhogi Pallu is showered on Children’s as an indication of Blessings. People can expect Gangireddu on this day. Sankrsnti_Haridas
This is a sacred bull nicely decorated with colors and ringing bells. Haridasulu who are the masters of Gangireddu visits houses in the villages and collects Food Items and Money.

Bhogi Mantalu is a sacred bonfire is burned during Bhogi which people believe that this will destroy the darkness in their life and bring brightness and colors to their life. People also believe that Bhogi Mantalu destroys/cures some diseases. Old items in house are used for this fire. On this day people clean their houses and it is nicely decorated. Girls with new clothes dance around the bonfire singing songs in praise of god.

The Second day of Sankranthi festival is Sankranthi and in some places also called as Pongal. Pongal is a dish prepared from the recent rice harvest. In My place people visit Gangamma (Believed to be most powerful god) temple. Pongal is prepared in the temple premises and it is offered to the God.

The Third day of Sankranthi festival is Kanuma. Hindu Mythology says that Lord
Pongal Krishna Lifted the Govardhana Giri on this day to protect the people of Gokhulam from strong rains and thunderstorms. This day is dedicated to Cows and Bulls. These animals are decorated with colors and flowers and they are worshipped.

The Fourth Day of Sankranthi festival is Mukkanuma. It is a day of Get together; Relatives friends join their hands in merry making. Most places in Andhra Pradesh see Bullock cart races. Also people participate in cock fighting’s. Specially trained cocks are used for these fights. People bet huge amount of money on this cock fights.

I wish all my readers Happy Sankranthi 2010 