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Magic Square It’s a Challenge for You!

May 26, 2010 5 comments

Every one knows what is magic square if not it is a set of unique numbers in a square format when ADDED vertically, horizontally and main diagonally the sum of the numbers should result in the same constant. I.e. all the rows, columns and diagonals should sum to same number.

E.g.: Below is the picture which shows the magic square in 3*3 formats. If you sum any row, column and diagonals the sum is always 99.

Ok enough now let’s come to the point! I have a challenge for you. Take any positive number (since it is 3*3 squares you may want to think/decide which number you have to take) and form a 3*3 square. Fill the Numbers in the square and when you ADD any row, column and diagonals the sum should always be the same number. See the example above for the number 99.

Wait, I know you are good in mathematics and you know all the mathematical formulas to solve this. You can use any calculator or computing device. Before solving this please read the conditions below


1: All the numbers in the squares should be unique and should not be repeated.
2: Given a Number to you, you have to finish the square in 60 Seconds.

Well you might get some examples over internet, but please try numbers above 100. Leave an comment on how did you arrive on the solution

Now what are you waiting for go ahead and give a try….