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Samsung 3D in India

July 31, 2010 2 comments

Did you ever think of watching a 3d movie at your home? If yes then you are going to experience this awesome technology starting from the month of august. Samsung India is launching its first 3D television globally across all the countries in the world. Samsung 3D television comes with unique features with touch screen remote which allow you to watch all the pictures in the remote.

Other features that this new series will offer is the internet connection facility where one can make Internet video calls through Internet , organize, add and delete content via its Samsung applications library.Samsung 3D will also offer the 2D to 3D conversion technology which allows the user to convert movies in 2D to 3D.

Ravinder Zutshi, deputy managing director , Samsung India, said: “The world’s slimmest 3D TV is set to debut in India which is Samsung series 9000 of 55 inch that is going to come at a price of Rs 440,000.”

Here is the video with the review:


Which one came first Chicken or Egg?

July 15, 2010 1 comment

Chicken or Egg, which one came first? This is a very old question and still people don’t know the answer. Scientists are still doing research on this. Well you know some times we should decide which came first.

I believe this cannot be answered theoretically, But practically we can come to a conclusion by watching this video. Now lets watch the below video and I will try to explain you which one came first.

Thanks for watching this video. Now let’s analyze this video.

• In the Video Chicken came first because Eggs cannot move. So Chicken came first.

• As the chicken was coming in the video, Egg suddenly came from the back part of the chicken. So still chicken was first and egg was behind chicken. This proves practically that Chicken came first and Egg Next.

So what do you think?

Modern ABC for your kids

July 8, 2010 2 comments

Gone are the days when A is for Apple, B is for Bat and C is Cat used by our teachers. Now that the World is getting advance, teachers has to teach their kids ABC with modern touch. Below are the New definations of Alphabets.

What is That!

A – Apple B – Bluetooth C – Intel® Core™2
D – E – eMule F – Facebook
G – Google H – Holon Institute of Technology I – iPhone
J – Java K – Kazaa L – Linux
M – Windows Live Messenger N – Napster O – Microsoft Office
P – PlayStation Q – Apple – QuickTime R – RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
S – Second Life T – Tags U – USB
V – Windows Vista W – Wikipedia X – Windows XP
Y – YouTube Z – Zuma