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Bad Food Combinations

November 30, 2010 5 comments

Food combinations are always important and should be given more importance for healthy working of the Human Digestive system. When different combinations of food having different taste are combined, it may results in bad digestion and may produce toxins in our bodies. Poor combination of foods results in Indigestion, fermentation, putrefaction and gas formation, and over a time leads to toxemia and diseases.

Below is the list of food combinations which should not be taken together

Don’t Eat This Food With These Foods
Milk Food like meat, cereals, pulses, nuts, fruits containing citric acid, food containing salts should be taken with milk.
Curd Starches (wheat, rice, potatoes, sago and other cereals), Proteins (nuts, legumes, beans, meat, fish, egg, milk etc), Sugars (white sugar, fruits, syrup, and honey); However curd can be taken with raw and cooked vegetables, as in salads.
Beverages Don’t combine tea coffee, alcohol and soft drinks with other solid foods.
Fruits Don’t combine with vegetables and vice versa. Exception: Dates and Milk.
Eggs All Kind of Fruits, meat, fish, milk, cheese and yogurt.
Grains All kind of Fruits.
Yogurt Some Fruits like WaterMelons, Cheese, Eggs, meat and fish,
Lemons Milk, Cheese, tomatoes and Beverages

 Other miscellaneous recommendations:

  • Do not take pulpy and juicy fruits together
  • Do not take sugars, sweets with sweet fruits
  • Do not consume fruits and vegetables together
  • Do not consume water over cucumber, melon, watermelon, papaya and banana
  • Milk and curd should not be consumed together
  • Citric fruits and milk, dairy products should not be taken together
  • Do not consume cold water as it reduces digestive power

 They all lead to the formation of toxins and thereby increase unwanted elements in the body leading to various diseases.

If any one of you can add more to the above table I really welcome them.


E-mail scams on Lottery Promotion

November 24, 2010 3 comments

Well for me and most of you this is an old story. Lottery promotion e-mails are delivered to most of the inboxes saying you have won xxxxx dollars/pounds etc. This is a scam e-mail and has to be simply deleted. Some time back I got a similar e-mail saying I have won one million British pounds. The e-mail had an attachment which requested my personal details like date of birth, address and bank account numbers.

I heard in news that some people got cheated in similar way and people lost their money because of these kinds of scam e-mails. I was about to simply delete the e-mail but I changed my thought and wanted to check how this guys try to cheat people. So I replied back to that e-mail showing interest to claim the amount. I sent only my name and phone number as I don’t want to share my date of birth and bank account numbers.

The next day I got a call from Delhi; the person introduced himself as an agent from Aussie Lottery Company and came to Delhi for delivering me the winning amount. He said I need to come to Delhi to claim the amount and also told me that he is going to send me the flight tickets for the same. I said OK and asked me to send the flight tickets to my e-mail address and hang up the call.

The Next day I got the call from the same person and I told him that I haven’t received any tickets. He told me that there is a problem in transferring money from Australia to India as the lottery company requested a security deposit of 50,000 Rs. He said he don’t have cash to deposit the money and there will be in delay for me to get the money. After some time the person said to me that if I can deposit 50,000 Rs to his account he will clear the problem and help me in getting the lottery amount as soon as possible.I asked him to come to Bangalore to take the money which he dint agree and stopped calling me again.

Uuuuufffffff; Now enough of reading this story. I got to know the trick how these guys cheat people by asking money. Innocent people think this is true and fall in their net and get cheated.

Please be aware that their is no such lottery agency which promotes the winning process over e-mails. Please delete these kind if e-mails immediately.

India vs Pakistan as seen in search engines

November 12, 2010 6 comments

I Don’t think I need to add any words as the below pictures explains every thing. This is not a fake pic, if you still don’t belive this give it a try for your self.

This is how major search engines talk about these countries. I am feeling proud to be an Indian.

3G Life in My New Virtual Home

November 2, 2010 Leave a comment

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This Diwali I am Entering my new virtual Home. My New Virtual Home is my mobile device which is 3G enabled Smartphone. This is because I can enjoy all my activities I do in my home on my Mobile Device. This is going to be a reality with India’s Most Trusted service provider TATA DOCOMO Offering 3G services in India.

Come and discover my new exciting world of 3G:My Life on 3G is definitely faster, richer & exciting. With Tata DOCOMO 3G, my mobile phone is no more just a device that makes calls – it’s a TV, a theatre, a gaming console and a satellite camera all at once. I am going to do much more with my phone than I ever imagined!

Highly Secured Network:Now I am least bothered about my Online Transactions I do while banking and shopping. 3G Network Provides Secured and Reliable connectivity between my Device and Websites. With Enhanced Security features incorporated my data is always safe and private over 3G networks.

Never Miss my Favorite TV shows and Cricket Matches:I am going to carry my TV in my mobile Device. Now I can watch my favorite TV shows and IPL cricket matches where ever I go. 3G network offers LIVE TV on my mobile device which is much more exciting and viewing experience.

See my friends and families any where in the world with real time face to face chat:See what I am going to do with 3G video calling as in this video:

With 3G, I will never miss my friends and family events. I can watch my friend’s marriage; I can give live demo to my team about the projects; I can share my birthday celebrations with my family and what more I can sing lullabies to my children’s. 3G enables real-time face to face chat which is as good as being in person.

Share my thoughts practically and not theoretically:No Matter how long I compose emails, no matter how many pages I write people always find hard to understand. I was always interested in video blogging; I love to express my ideas with videos and pictures. Since this was talking more bandwidth for my readers I was always spend more time in writing articles. With 3G this is no more worries! Since videos and pictures can be shared with lightning speed.

No need to wait for download of my favorite movies and songs:With Live streaming of multimedia data, I can enjoy viewing of my favorite movies and songs where ever I want to. I need not have patience to wait for my movies to get downloaded or buffered which was most irritating to me. With 3G I can watch movies and listen to songs with no delay.

Size doesn’t matter:Now no matter what the size of the data I have I can always share it with a speed of thought. I can exchange emails with large attachment; update my friends about my happenings with friends not only with status messages but also with pictures and videos.

More Fun and challenge with rich multimedia games:Games with 3G are not just boring games. 3G takes mobile gaming to a new scale by enabling richer graphics, applications and network gaming. I can play live games over 3G Network with my friends. Now this is going to be my new way of stress busting.

Now I am sure you are thinking of your new life in 3G world. Now The Wait is over.
Tata DoCoMo is the first private mobile service provider to announce the date for launching the much anticipated third-generation (3G) mobile services. The company aims to get a head-start and plans to introduce high-end services such as ultra-fast internet, videoconferencing and other 3G services by Diwali (November 5th 2010), as said by its executive president, mobility business division, Deepak Gulati