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Free Essential Software Downloads for your computer

March 31, 2011 3 comments

Now days most of the people have access to computers. People spend most of their time browsing, chatting playing games etc. There are millions of software’s available in the market. Some are free ware and some needs to paid. But I am sure most of us are looking for software’s which comes for free.

When I got my computer I was looking for some essential software’s like antivirus, games and other tools which help my PC to keep clean and faster. When I search over internet there are huge amount of links opened and I was really confused about which one to download.

Some times I don’t trust the software’s which are available for free as it might be some fake software’s which uses the name of big brands. So I was thinking of a page/link which provides me all the essential software’s for free that can be trusted.

Here you go; Both Yahoo and Google Provides free software’s which includes Browsers, Games, Antivirus, Media Players and Instant Messengers etc. All these software’s are free wares and listed under different categories. You can browser this software’s based on your needs and interests.

Free Softwares From Yahoo!: Click Here

Free Softwares from Google: Click Here