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My Home Seen From Satellites

May 9, 2011 2 comments

This is really amazing thing for me. I never imagined that I am going to see my home through satellites. This all happened when I saw my home from satellites using Google Earth. Yes, believe me you will be happier when you see your place through satellites view.

I tried to navigate to my place in Bangalore using Google Earth Software, and check out the Below Picture how it looked for me. This was 100% accurate view of my home and kudos to Google Earths Software which has the technology to show any place on this earth sitting in front of the computer.

Not only the image, you can get to see the Latitude and Longitude values of your place. The Values for my home is Latitude: 12°53’36.33″N and Longitude: 77°34’8.67″E.

Click on the Below Picture To See in Large View.

Well, now I am sure you want to try and see your place in Google Earth! Check out the Software HERE. All the Best.