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Tips To Impress Or Confuse Clients

November 2, 2011 Leave a comment

If you are not sure how to impress or confuse clients, check out the below picture. This will help you to manage the client meeting very easily with high technical terms.


Girls Mind Dictionary

October 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Guys, ever wonder what’s there in a Girls Mind? Yes, this is a million dollar question. We need to give Noble Prize for a machine/person who can read a girls mind. But here are some tips for you guys! Read the below points and be prepared to face it, and please don’t blame me for its accuracy.

Yes = No

No = Yes

Maybe = No

We need… = I want.

I am sorry = you’ll be sorry

We need to talk = I need to complain

Sure, go ahead = I don’t want you to

Do what you want = you’ll pay for this later

I am not upset = Of course I am upset, you idiot!

Are you listening to me?? = Too late, you’re dead

You have to learn to communicate = Just agree with me

You’re so manly = You need to shave and look clean

Do you love me? = I am going to ask for something expensive

It’s your decision = The correct decision should be obvious by now

I’ll be ready in a minute = Kick off your shoes and find a good game on TV

How much do you love me? = I did something today that you’re really not going to like

New Maruti Swift vs Old Maruti Swift Comparison

August 17, 2011 11 comments

Maruti Suzuki India launched its much awaited car The New Swift 2011.Lets get some insight on what’s new in the Newer version of Swift and its price

The new Swift is enhanced version while adding some more features in original Swift. Normal waiting time to get a new Swift is decreased for 3 months only.

The diesel engine remains unchanged; however, overall weight has been reduced by 30 kg and 15 kg on petrol and diesel variants respectively. The result is improved fuel efficiency, 18.6kmpl for petrol and 22.9kmpl for diesel. The width and height are up only marginally, but length is increased by 90mm and the wheelbase is 50mm longer.

More Space and has some add-on improvements with old and existing customer’s feedback. The substantial change is its dimension which is 155 mm longer which gives more space in terms of cabin, more leg space for the rear seat people. The width has also been improved slightly as per old Swift user’s complaints.

Better on Road Grip and lower height as compared to the original Swift which offers enhanced center of gravity and fine grip on Indian roads. Safest Ride on as it’s nominated as the safest mini car in the UK on the Euro NCAP ranking with the ABS System and other security features.

Optimized suspensions: The new suspension has been improved and has been optimized for the larger platform with undoubtedly enhanced characteristic while the old Swift has literally dull and cheap look. All these outcomes were sorted out with the new model of Maruti Swift 2011. Advanced Technology and Embedded Electronic Devices: Maruti Swift 2011 will sport improved audio system, more connectivity options, better steering mounted control and many more.

Introductory prices for the new Swift (Ex Show Room Delhi) are:
LXi Petrol: Rs. 4.22 lakhs | VXi Petrol: Rs. 4.76 lakhs | ZXi Petrol: Rs. 5.53 lakhs
LDi Diesel: Rs. 5.17 lakhs | VDi Diesel: Rs. 5.61 lakhs | ZDi Diesel: Rs. 6.38 lakhs

Importing Facebook and Yahoo Friends to Google+

July 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Google has announced its social networking site called Google Plus. This might be one of the giant social networking site and a strong competitor to FaceBook. Google plus has easy photo sharing and video chat enabled but I personally feel that there is lot to be improved in User Interface.

Now, I am not here to talk about these sites as you are already aware of these. But I wanted to tell you people an easy way to add your friends to Google Plus. I know you have more friends in Yahoo and FaceBook. Adding each friend at a time to Google plus is a bit tough and frustrating.

Check out the below video which explains how you can transfer your friends from Yahoo and FaceBook to Google plus at One Go. This is an easy way and you don’t need to be very technical to do this.

Now start exploring the above steps:)