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Serious Health Hazards and Tips on Handling Currency Notes

December 14, 2010 5 comments

Money has become integral part of our life. With out Money we can’t live. Irrespective of its form coins or paper notes, money exchanges several hands every day. There are hundreds of activities which a person performs from the moment he wakes up in the morning till he goes to sleep at night. It can be with a Professional or a Beggar; it can be with a Doctor or a patient. We use money in our every day life; we purchase groceries from a local store, we donate to a temple, we give it to a beggar etc. Money can be exchanged from clean hands to dirty hands and vice versa aka healthy life to infection life.

When people count currency notes they usually wet their fingers with their saliva produced in the mouth thinking it will make them easy to count but with this method currency notes can be infected with virus and microorganisms the person has. When it moves to a different hand the virus is carried in the currency notes. The Person will again wet is finger from his mouth to count the notes where the virus or microorganisms can transfer to his mouth very easily.

E.g. Person who adds petrol to your vehicle would have touched petrol and other harmful chemicals in the petrol bunk and with the bare hands he gives the change (currency notes) to you. People count this infected notes by wetting their fingers from their mouth which can easily transfer the bacteria to your body.

Imagine the currency notes you have might have travelled through out the country and has been exchanged from many hands. Contamination from the anal region, wounds, nasal secretions & aerosols generated by sneezing & coughing are potential sources of transfer of microorganisms to currency notes during handling and this contaminated notes which has virus can be easily transferred to your mouth if you wet your fingers from your mouth saliva to count the notes.

Some research shows that Indian banknotes has germs which can cause Tuberculosis, meningitis, tonsillitis, peptic ulcers, throat infections, genital tract infections etc. The bugs from banknotes infect the body through scratches on the hands or when the hand touches the mouth or nose.

I suggest public to be careful and take some precautions in handling money 

  • Wash your hands cleanly after you do money transactions using physical notes.
  • Avoid keeping money in brassieres, handkerchiefs and in shoes.
  • Currency notes can be disinfected by regular exposing of contaminated notes to U.V. rays or fumigation. Suggest and educate this to the people around you.

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Free Virus Removal Tool from McAfee AVERT Stinger

December 1, 2010 3 comments

Note: This is strictly for Personal Windows computers used in Home

Most of our machines are infected by virus and atleast in India people expect a free Antivirus program to do all the protection for their Computers. Some of the Great Anti virus applications like Symantec etc needs to be purchased and also needs to be renewed every year. Most of the people can’t do this because they can’t afford to buy these Programs.

Also, these programs are heavily built and occupy huge space in Both Hard disk and RAM. This makes other programs to run slowly and also your computer performance will decrease. Some of these antivirus programs will write logs files to your hard disk which increases in size each time it runs.

Modern hackers write virus code which can disable the functionality of these Anti virus programs making them useless in our computers but still degrades the performance of the computer. So now you are not completely sure that your computer is fully protected.

Corporate industries will have Licensed AV programs and Firewall which will protect their machines and these machines will have advanced hardware so Performance Degradation is not a concern here.

Now let’s come to the point, for Personal use of computers in your home you need not necessarily buy and use these Anti virus programs. You will face the issue as mentioned above. You just need a simple tool which can remove virus from your computers. You can use this tool once in a week so that you are sure that your PC is clean.

MacAfee provides you a FREE tool called “STINGER” which will clean your computer with latest virus and takes the sting out of many popular viruses. The download is a simple self-extracting; self-installing file so there’s no learning curve – making it a quick and painless tool for everyone.

Stinger is a stand-alone utility used to detect and remove specific viruses. It is not a substitute for full anti-virus protection, but rather a tool to assist administrators and users when dealing with an infected system. Stinger utilizes next generation scan engine technology, including process scanning, digitally signed DAT files, and scan performance optimizations.

McAfee adds high profile and widespread threats to Stinger on a regular basis. If you’ve downloaded it in the past, you should download a new version to ensure you’re getting the full virus protection. To verify which viruses Stinger can detect and remove, open the program and click the “List Viruses” button at the top of the program window.

Stinger is simple tool and easy to use. Simply download the tool (being sure to read the short instructions McAfee has provided on their download page), double-click it to launch Stinger, and click the “Scan Now” button. Of course, if you have drives other than C:, you’ll need to first click the “Add” button and add those drives as well.

Enjoy the benefits of stinger and also benefits of not using heavy AV programs for Home Computers.

India vs Pakistan as seen in search engines

November 12, 2010 6 comments

I Don’t think I need to add any words as the below pictures explains every thing. This is not a fake pic, if you still don’t belive this give it a try for your self.

This is how major search engines talk about these countries. I am feeling proud to be an Indian.

3G Life in My New Virtual Home

November 2, 2010 Leave a comment

This article is submitted for Indi blogger 3G Life Contest. If you are a member of Indi blogger Please help me by voting this article by clicking here.

This Diwali I am Entering my new virtual Home. My New Virtual Home is my mobile device which is 3G enabled Smartphone. This is because I can enjoy all my activities I do in my home on my Mobile Device. This is going to be a reality with India’s Most Trusted service provider TATA DOCOMO Offering 3G services in India.

Come and discover my new exciting world of 3G:My Life on 3G is definitely faster, richer & exciting. With Tata DOCOMO 3G, my mobile phone is no more just a device that makes calls – it’s a TV, a theatre, a gaming console and a satellite camera all at once. I am going to do much more with my phone than I ever imagined!

Highly Secured Network:Now I am least bothered about my Online Transactions I do while banking and shopping. 3G Network Provides Secured and Reliable connectivity between my Device and Websites. With Enhanced Security features incorporated my data is always safe and private over 3G networks.

Never Miss my Favorite TV shows and Cricket Matches:I am going to carry my TV in my mobile Device. Now I can watch my favorite TV shows and IPL cricket matches where ever I go. 3G network offers LIVE TV on my mobile device which is much more exciting and viewing experience.

See my friends and families any where in the world with real time face to face chat:See what I am going to do with 3G video calling as in this video:

With 3G, I will never miss my friends and family events. I can watch my friend’s marriage; I can give live demo to my team about the projects; I can share my birthday celebrations with my family and what more I can sing lullabies to my children’s. 3G enables real-time face to face chat which is as good as being in person.

Share my thoughts practically and not theoretically:No Matter how long I compose emails, no matter how many pages I write people always find hard to understand. I was always interested in video blogging; I love to express my ideas with videos and pictures. Since this was talking more bandwidth for my readers I was always spend more time in writing articles. With 3G this is no more worries! Since videos and pictures can be shared with lightning speed.

No need to wait for download of my favorite movies and songs:With Live streaming of multimedia data, I can enjoy viewing of my favorite movies and songs where ever I want to. I need not have patience to wait for my movies to get downloaded or buffered which was most irritating to me. With 3G I can watch movies and listen to songs with no delay.

Size doesn’t matter:Now no matter what the size of the data I have I can always share it with a speed of thought. I can exchange emails with large attachment; update my friends about my happenings with friends not only with status messages but also with pictures and videos.

More Fun and challenge with rich multimedia games:Games with 3G are not just boring games. 3G takes mobile gaming to a new scale by enabling richer graphics, applications and network gaming. I can play live games over 3G Network with my friends. Now this is going to be my new way of stress busting.

Now I am sure you are thinking of your new life in 3G world. Now The Wait is over.
Tata DoCoMo is the first private mobile service provider to announce the date for launching the much anticipated third-generation (3G) mobile services. The company aims to get a head-start and plans to introduce high-end services such as ultra-fast internet, videoconferencing and other 3G services by Diwali (November 5th 2010), as said by its executive president, mobility business division, Deepak Gulati

How to Celebrate Eco Friendly Diwali

October 29, 2010 13 comments

This Year Diwali is celebrated on 5th November 2010 Friday. I Hope many of you are prepared to celebrate Diwali with family and friends. This article tries to sensitize the readers towards celebrating an environmentally safe Diwali by pointing out the major impacts that Diwali has on our environment and your health.

Diwali is known as the ‘festival of lights’. Diyas (clay lamps) are lit to chase away the darkness of ignorance and welcome the bright light of enlightenment. Many of the cases we are not bothered about our environment and take risks about your own safety.

We should celebrate True Diwali in traditional styles with out giving up joy and happiness. Lets us follow the below simple tips celebrate a safe and eco friendly Diwali.

Let’s Explode Joy without Crackers
For many of us burning crackers and making sounds is a way to enjoy and have thrill. But people won’t think about how these crackers are harmful to environment and health.

It can cause throat, nose & eye related problems which can later develop into adverse health hazards. It can lead to headaches & reduced mental acuity when it reaches the level of 100 ppm. Burning crackers throws more smoke in to the Air which has much more severe effects in people with heart, respiratory or nervous system disorders. It can aggravate problem for people suffering from cold, allergies or coughs and can also cause congestion of throat & chest. Increase amount of noise has harmful effects on animals as well as humans

So let’s Say a BIG NO to Crackers and Fireworks and save our environment and health.

Burn Lights using Traditional Oil Lamps to Reduce Electric Power

Electric Power is already overloaded in our country. The use of electric power to light homes, business establishments, monuments and roads requires a huge amount of electricity. The older tradition of burning oil lamps is a possible alternative to electric lights – even though it does use oil, the duration of the lamps is shorter.

Lets Celebrate Diwali with family and relatives to enjoy more joy and happiness. I wish all my readers “HAPPY DIWALI”.

Samsung Galaxy3 My New Phone

October 19, 2010 1 comment

My Old Phone Nokia 6681 fell into water and was dead. This Phone used me for 3.7 years and finally left me. Now its time for me to search for a new phone. There is enough number of phones in market and it took me almost one day to finalize the phone. My budget was under 12-13K and I was looking into android based phones as this OS offers more number of features.

I was also trying Apple IPhone 3GS and given the cost is more than 35K I dropped my idea of not investing that amount at my level/age. I went to univercell cell showroom in koramangala, Bangalore and picked Samsun Galaxy3. This phone costs 12.3K + Insurance 200rs. I have to pay total of 12.5K. This is the best phone ever provided at this price range with all the features.

The Phone is really nice to hold as the plastic feels durable, and it is not slippery, thus making comfortable to hold. It has 3MP camera and 667MHz Processor with 240*400 Pixels 3.2” Touch screen. I can enjoy Videos and Games on these Big screen

I got 2GB SD Card free with this set and it’s not enough for me to store songs. This Phone has all the features I needed like 3.2” Touch screen with 3G and WiFi Support. I have also subscribed to Airtel GPRS with Monthly rental of 99Rs with 2GB Browsing. I also suggest if you are buying these kinds of phones always go for insurance. If you can shed a small amount which is worth it, you will get 75% to 90% of your phone value when you loose this phone.

Now I am sure most of you will search for a review of this phone.

Below is the video review and enjoy the phone

Simple steps to clean your Computer Operating System

October 11, 2010 9 comments

Many of us use Windows Operating system with lots of programs running. We open many files everyday and play around. We listen to music and see photos etc. Now there is nothing wrong doing this but these activities will create more unwanted temporary files in the system which will eat up your disk space and creates file clutter. This will decrease your computers performance.

Here are some tips which can be used by any computer user to keep their system clean. Removing temporary files is a quick and easy task that can help save disk space and keep your PC clean of file clutter.

1. Click on Start and then Run.
2. In the text box in the Run window, type “%Temp%” and click OK. A folder full of files and other folders will appear. These are unwanted files and can be deleted safely.
3. Again Click on Start and then Run.
4. In the text box in the Run window, type “recent” and click OK. A folder full of files and other folders will appear. These are unwanted files and can be deleted safely.
5. You can select all the files to delete using “Ctl+A” and then “Shift+Delete” keys to make sure the files are deleted permanently.


1: If you’re prompted that there are hidden files in this folder, just click on OK to bypass the message.

2: While deleting temporary files you may want to delete files in small number of files as some of the temp files are used by some programs do not worry if some files are not deleted. Select small number of files say 15 files at a time and then use “Ctl+A” and then “Shift+Delete” keys to make sure the files are deleted permanently. Use these until all the files are deleted.

Restart your computer once and now your computer is cleaned.